Parshing Serial data and updating item state

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(Arghya Ghosh) #1

I have setup serial connection between Openhab2 and arduino. A keypad is connected to the arduino. whenever a key is pressed the arduino will be sending the key number to OH. There are 7 switches which will then be toggled acording to that number. So how can i write this rule. I tried a String data “test” then used test.state==“ON” but it didnt work.
SO i want a rule that can toggle the switch number with respect to the recieved data. please help.

( ) #2

Hey! I could try to instruct in lengthy details but I think you’ll learn more by looking at this similar example:

Let us know if you need more help

(Arghya Ghosh) #3

well i read it and i did’t understand it totally. But it looks like a overkill for my problem. isnt there any simpler solution.

(Rich Koshak) #4

Your specific question is fully covered in the rules docs and dozens to hundreds of examples.

To change an Item’s state use sendCommand or postUpdate.