Parsing answer from Daikin http get request

How is it possible to divide answer from Daikin Aircon Wifi interface like:


How can I divide the answer into separate items ?
String ret (OK)
Number todayrt (73 minutes)
Number MondayConsumption (0 kWh)

Number SundayConsumption (0 kWh)

Assuming you’re using the HTTP Binding, use separate Channels for each type of data, and transform the incoming data using the REGEX Transformation Service so that each Channel extracts only the bit of information it is interested in.

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Thanks for help. Can you help me with a REGEX example please ?
Assume a item like:

String Daikin_WeekPower1    "Week power [%s]" <energy> (Daikin1) { http="<[http://daikin_ip/aircon/get_week_power:1000:JSONPATH($.ret)]" }
Number ElapsedTime "Working minutes [%s] mins"
Number MondayEnergy "Consumed energy on monday [%0.f] kWh"

OK, that’s very old syntax. What version of openHAB are you running?

I’m running 2.5.12.