Partly long reaction times for switches over z-wave

I have a problem with the z-wave switches. when i turn on/off the switches over openhab (switch on sitemap or rule), i have very different reaction times from one time to the other.

one time, the switch switched immediatly, next time it takes up to 5s. its random.

my openhab server is a rapsberry pi 3 with razberry modul. I use switches from fibaro (FGS223) and wall switches from neo cool cam. the problem is with both type of switches.

this is an event.log and a openhab.log with z-wave debug logging enabled. in this example,
node 18 takes a long time to switch to on.

2018-03-14 21:34:15.192 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Button_Test' received command 1
2018-03-14 21:34:15.221 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'EgKu_LichtschalterAbzug_Switch' received command ON
2018-03-14 21:34:15.249 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - EgKu_LichtschalterAbzug_Switch changed from OFF to ON
2018-03-14 21:34:15.253 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gLightEG_KU changed from OFF to ON through EgKu_LichtschalterAbzug_Switch
2018-03-14 21:34:15.529 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'EgKu_LichtschalterKombination_Switch' received command ON
2018-03-14 21:34:15.540 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - EgKu_LichtschalterKombination_Switch changed from OFF to ON
2018-03-14 21:34:15.834 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'EgWzKu_Lichtschalter_SwitchKuTisch' received command ON
2018-03-14 21:34:15.845 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - EgWzKu_Lichtschalter_SwitchKuTisch changed from OFF to ON

does anyone have experience with such a problem?
Thanks for good advice in advance.

Why are all of your meter reports duplicated? Do you only see the slow response from your controller when it is handling all of the meter reports?

The problem is the device has not responded. After 5 seconds, the binding gives up and can resend and this causes your delay.

It looks like the controller didn’t respond to the command in this case rather than the device itself.

I saw in the logfile that my fibaro fgs223 switches send the energy values ​​via z-wave several times a second. Is it possible that this behavior partially slows down the response time of all Z-Wave devices?
Is that with the many sending the energy values ​​possibly a known problem?

I’ve seen that all of my fibaro fgs223 send the energy several times a second (i’ve about 10 fgs223)

Yes, if a device is doing this, then it would cause interference, and would quite likely slow down other network traffic.

Normally there are settings in the device to control this - you should read the manual for the devices concerned.

I’ve check all parameter of fibaro fgs223 and i think the configuration is correct.
but the energy values ​​are still sent several times per second

There is also a problem with writing the parameters. With parameters 50/53/54/57 equal to zero, the transmission of the energy values ​​can be completely deactivated. But parameter 54 does not change, the field is locked (greyed out in Habmin)

Any idea about my problem?

In the database, this channel is set to read only.

I’ve changed it so this will be fixed in the next database update (probably tomorrow).

super, thank you very much

Thanks for the update of the database … the only read parameter is fixed.

Now i have set all parameters about energy data like describded in the manual … but the energy data is still being sent too often.



node 30 behaves as follows

node 36 does not behave identically

does anyone have any idea what my problem might be? I’m totally on the hook and I do not have any plan what to do anymore.

Turn off the meter and see if your zwave network performance improves. If the two devices are configured the same, then exclude the bad one, reset it, and reinclude. Maybe that will help, but it could be that the device is bad too.

But thats my problem … how can i turn off the meter. i have 8 devices and all of this send the energy reports to often. the logfile show only 2 different behavior, too many sending of the energy data is identical on both nodes.

can a reinclude fix this problem, if i have the problem on all of my fgs223 (8 piece)?

what’s the easiest way to reinclude a device?

Unplug them :wink:

I misunderstood then. I didn’t realize all of them were sending the reports too often. I just noticed your screenshot though. Try configuring them again through Habmin, even if it displays the configuration correctly, set to another value, save, set back, save. PaperUI is no good for device configuration parameters. I have Aeon HEMs and they can be finicky to setup, so I’ve been there!

what’s the easiest way to reinclude a device?

Habmin> Configuration> Things> select controller> Tools> Advanced Settings> Exclude device

Then put the device into exclusion mode (should be the same procedure as inclusion). Delete the old Thing. Also do a hard reset of the device, if it allows for that.

Habmin> Configuration> Things> click the discovery button (magnifying glass with plus sign, between hamburger and larger plus sign)> select ZWave

Then put the device into inclusion mode.

i think i habe solve the problem … it is probably a problem of the device “fibaro fgs223”.
if i set parameter 53 & 57 to 0 (disable of energy report, like describded in the manual), then the
energy will be send serveral times per second.
if i set parameter 53 & 57 to 1000, the problem is no longer there.

(i’ve write this problem to the support team of fibaro)

It may be a problem with your specific device, but not with the FGS223 in general.
I have two of those devices and they do send the reports according to the config settings.
I have all settings on default.

Make sure you are using the meter_kwh1 and meter_kwh2 channels, not the meter_kwh channel.
This also applies to the watts channels: meter_watts1 and meter_watts2