Passing other pages to

I have weather html layouts set up and it works great on my local network but does not display when I connect to remotely. Is it possible to show these? Do I need to configure something to allow this to show?

Further, I have set up Apache/PHP and am creating some pretty cool HVAC usage graphs from my database using Google Charts. I’d like to be able to access these remotely through as well. Is this possible?

I do not think so. Not directly any way.

I’ve never been able to get the weather webview to work outside of my local network or a direct connection to OH and can’t recall anyone else posting about doing it successfully.

Furthermore, the my.openhab binding only has direct access to the OH REST API and therefore it can only expose the REST API over Consequently it cannot serve up content from any other source such as your Apache/PHP server.

What you can do though is set up your PHP to generate and save the charts to a folder within openHAB’s webapps folder and use an Image element on your sitemap to load those images instead of calling the apache/php service directly.

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