PC Monitor Switching with HDMI Matrix

Hi, I have a 8x8 HDMI Matrix to Switch all my PCs to all my Monitors through the House in any configuration.
I want to easily determine what monitor settings I have currently and to switch each monitor to each PC with openhab.
The best way would be a symbolic visualization of the matrix as a table in the following way:

           PC1  PC2  PC3 PC4
Monitor1    x 
Monitor2         x 
Monitor3         x
Monitor4                  x

My problem is I cannot think of any way how I could realize it with openhab. Any suggestions or ideas?

Create 8 items of type Number, one per PC.
Number PC1mapping

Number PC8mapping

Then create 8 lines in sitemap like
Switch item=PC1mapping label="Map PC1 to Monitor" icon="PC" mappings=[1="Monitor 1", 2="Monitor 2", 3="Monitor 3", 4="Monitor 4"]

If you know how to query your matrix, you can convert this into values of items PCXmapping.
Finally write a rule to trigger upon change of item PCXmapping to issue the command to your matrix device (you didn’t mention how it can be queried or controlled, so I assume you know how to do that).

Thanks for your reply.
Before your reply I tried it the other way around (monitor as item and PC as mapping) but that left me with the problem to filter the mapping if a PC is not online and cannot be accessed.
This way it works as I can filter the visibility with PC online status.

But it leaves me with another problem I don’t know how to solve. If I click on a Monitor to Map a PC and then change the Monitor to another PC, the previous selection stays active (see image for example).

Can I restrict the mapping that a Monitor can be active only once? But in return allow to have one PC slected by different Monitors?

You can ‘filter’ to have rows appear or not based on an item’s value like this
Text item=Tageslicht label="Tageslicht" icon="daylight" visibility=[Tageslicht==ON]

I didn’t understand your problem.
You either used or can try using autoupdate="false" for the item in items file.

You would need to write a rule for that.