Perfect IP Cam for OpenHAB2

Hey Guys,

i am planing to start home automation by using OpenHAB2. I have already an Linux enigma2 Receiver and a Fritzbox i can add there. But one thing i need to know. I am planing to purchase an IP Webcam for my living room. Of course i want to administer the cam later on via OpenHAB2.

So here are some things the cam should do:

  • Night View / Vision
  • Motion Detection (some kind of “cheap” alarm system u know)
  • IP Wifi connection
  • 720p or better resolution
  • easy compatible to OpenHAB2 / bindings exists or other ways to add to OH2
  • no ugly Cloud cam that sending stuff “home” (i read that Foscam´s doing this a lot)
  • a more “cheap” device, not so much money atm

I did a lot of research but i couldnt find a really recommended CAM so i asks here.

Thanks in advacne


really no one can recommend a good cam for my purpose?


There’s no perfect solution. If you want something fully catered to you, do what I did, DIY ip camera using cmos modules and mcus.

There are plenty of reputable camera brands but my best suggestion to you is to get just an “acceptable” one. I have 15+ camera throughout my house. Some indoors, outdoor, and I even have one near my gun safe. I have one for my 3d printer so I can record prints, i have one for my cnc router, etc. But cameras are cheap now, so they are somewhat disposable. From my experience they dont last very long, esp if you use them outdoors. Either the servo for the IR filter dies, the cases are not fully waterproof, and all other kinds of issues. So keep that in mind.

Next would be software. Most modern cameras can POST to a URL. But for me, I use Blue Iris as my cam server. It has an API and you can configure it to make REST API calls, run a command, trigger a GPIO, etc on several events such as motion, recording, etc.

If you just want to try CAMs out, just get a cheap one. The key here is to get something cheap but reliable. Lateley I have had success with Amcrest. But there are lots of Chinese brands out there that are also fine… easyn, etc.

I would not be surprised if most cameras with a smart phone app do this and even the Openhab Cloud does it because if you want easy setup through a firewall then the camera needs to ping home to open up the firewall so you dont need to do complex network setup that most users find hard. It is more of a case of what they are sending home that is an issue and if the camera stops working if you block the traffic with your router/firewall or the company goes broke and closes shop.

Have a look at the first post in this thread to see what cameras are working in the binding and what features are already supported for each brand. The API documents are there so you can check what each camera can do.

You can pick up AMCREST cameras very cheap in packages if you shop around. HIKVISION is confusing as you can get cameras made for the chinese market that have had the firmwares hacked to give english on the menus, but beware as they are done by hackers (do u trust a hacker not to put a backdoor in?) and they can brick or go back to chinese if you upload newer firmware.