Performance Arm64 processors (Java 8) CP15 Barrier instruction warning/fix

After doing quite a few bits to improve performance on my system, things generally ran well and I had no complaints as such. My processor would tick over about 6% on average.

However In my logs, I was getting something along the following spammed in the Kernel log:

Java uses deprecated CP15 Barrier instruction at xxxxxxx

At a rate of about 100+ per second. This I believe is a Java 8 vs Arm64 processor warning (but it doesnt cause any actual issues that I know of). I dont know which ARM based system configurations may be affected. My system is an Amlogic system running Armbian OS. Maybe Pi’s are affected… I just dont know!

The fix is to turn off logging for these errors, which seems to have reduced my CPU tick over to about 3% to 4%, I think performance has improved on the file system and Openhab appears more responsive after a bootup based on a few days tests. Id imagine that NAND/SD cards will be happier too.

Log is as root to your system and at a terminal enter this:

echo 2 >/proc/sys/abi/cp15_barrier

This will disable that error.

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