Performance issue after stripping down the demo

Hi All,

I had a go at openHAB over the week, and I was pretty amazed how much I could do just in a few half days. This is all very impressive. I have a Saia-Burgess PLC running my home automation, so I have some ideas about it.

I wanted to make a sprinker control for my friend. I downloaded the demo application for the RPI, added the GPIO binding, Email notification, hooked up some relayes to the GPIOs, modified the sitemap, scripts and rules and it was all working fine.

After that I started getting rid off the demo: items, sitemaps, rules, etc. When I started up the runtime again, it was very slow. Basically it was soo bad that I had to shut down the whole thing. It would not load the HTTP server in like 10 minutes I was waiting. I could not see any messages on the console either. It did load the rules, items, I got a notification email which I set up in a rule but that was pretty much it. I was not able to access the server via the APP or HTTP and no other response whatsoever.

I did not see any warnings or errors in the console and quite honestly I had no idea what to do next.

Any recommendations?


There ought to be answers in /var/log/openhab.log, but if not, try editing the file /etc/openhab/logback.xml to look more like /etc/openhab/logback_debug.xml, so it produces DEBUG or TRACE output, which might report conditions you don’t expect. Also make sure you are running openHAB 1.7.1 or a 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT build.

Thanks for the comment. I am out of town now, so will check it once I am back in front of my PI. I am running 1.7.1 so that is OK.