Performance of HUE Rules with RPI 3

(Dennis) #1

At first of all i have to say, that openHAB is great. Im very impressed because of the well designed openhabian Image. I switched from FHEM to openHAB because FHEM had too much perl in it and expected too much customization.

To my Problem:
My Requirement: Set HUE Scenes via openHAB. In this case the color of light has to Change dependend from time. This Scene does stand for 11 other Scenes, where i working with more than one color at once. i Can imagine that in this case i could group my bulbs to set them
Problem: The Scenes turning on very slow over 5 Seconds (sometimes they either doesnt turn on)
My Hardware: RPI 3 This Problem does not occur on other Rules(like homematic).

My Expectation from this Thread:
Check whether my way of coding and concept are the best practice and verify, that there arent any slow performers.

To my Solution:

Switch Wohnzimmer_Licht "Wohnzimmerlicht" <light> [ "Switchable" ]


rule "Wohnzimmerlicht einschalten"
        Item Wohnzimmer_Licht changed to ON
        var DecimalType whitecolor = new DecimalType(47) // 0-360; 0=red, 120=green, 240=blue, 360=red(again)
        var DecimalType whitecolor_hell = new DecimalType(0)
        var PercentType sat = new PercentType(40) // 0-100
        var PercentType bright = new PercentType(100) // 0-100
        var PercentType sat_hell = new PercentType(0) // 0-100
        var PercentType bright_hell = new PercentType(100) // 0-100
        var HSBType white = new HSBType(whitecolor,sat,bright)
        var HSBType white_bright = new HSBType(whitecolor_hell,sat_hell,bright_hell)
        if (now.getHourOfDay() >= 19 || now.getHourOfDay() <= 6) {
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_1_Color , white)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_2_Color , white)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_3_Color , white)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_4_Color , white)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_5_Color , white)
        else {
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_1_Color , white_bright)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_2_Color , white_bright)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_3_Color , white_bright)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_4_Color , white_bright)
                sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_5_Color , white_bright)
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung, ON)
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Rotlicht, OFF)
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Blaulicht, OFF)

one more rule, that uses 2 colors, but is based on the above one:

rule "Effekt 3 einstellen"
        Item Wohnzimmer_Effekt_3 changed to ON
        var DecimalType hue1 = new DecimalType(58.98) // 0-360; 0=red, 120=green, 240=blue, 360=red(again)
        var PercentType sat1 = new PercentType(80.99) // 0-100
        var PercentType bright1 = new PercentType(100) // 0-100
        var DecimalType hue2 = new DecimalType(4.98) // 0-360; 0=red, 120=green, 240=blue, 360=red(again)
        var PercentType sat2 = new PercentType(80.99) // 0-100
        var PercentType bright2 = new PercentType(100) // 0-100
        var HSBType color1  = new HSBType(hue1,sat1,bright1)
        var HSBType color2  = new HSBType(hue2,sat2,bright2)
        sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_1_Color , color1)
        sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_2_Color , color2)
        sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_3_Color , color2)
        sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_4_Color , color2)
        sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Hue_5_Color , color1)

I Also stumbled over increasing the Java Memory Sizes. Any Hints where i can do this and how this looks? The last Comment was in 2015 and i think, the has changed in this time.

Any Ideas?

Best regards!

(Dennis) #2

Update: I resolved my own problem:
I did not reset the effects to Off when turning on another effect(some effects did turn off other effects, but only a few, so it was a random thing). As a consequence after a time all effects are turned on and a Change state from ON to ON does not trigger.
Okay. solved with creating an item with a rule, that updates all States of the other effects to OFF.
Group updating of states did not work (sadly), so i had do go this way.

Kind regards

(UweB) #3

Hi Dennis (@Der_Gute) ,

would you mind sharing your final, working code. I am interested in this as I am also looking for scenes/animations to be triggered with openhab and Alexa.



(Dennis) #4

Hi Uwe (@uweb),
I going to send you my configuration on tuesday :slight_smile:
Best regards

(Dennis) #5

At first of all i have to say, that the HUE Binding does not work as proper as i wanted(sometimes not all bulbs turned on or off). Therefore i used curl request to directly push the requests to hue api. This way i was able to set the Scenes with the hue app and call them.

My Scenario:
Samsung TV turns on (tell me if you want this code). A Rule triggers a switch, which is a randomizer for effectlight. A random number is generated and is passed to the switch condition that calls the specific scenes

rule "Effektlicht Zufall"
        Item Wohnzimmer_Effektlicht changed to ON
        var randomNum = rand.nextInt(11)
        logInfo("rules","randomnr" + randomNum)
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Licht, OFF)
        switch randomNum {
        case 1: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Rotlicht, ON)
        case 2: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Bayernlicht, ON)
        case 3: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Blaulicht, ON)
        case 4: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_1, ON)
        case 5: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_2, ON)
        case 6: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_3, ON)
        case 7: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_4, ON)
        case 8: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_5, ON)
        case 9: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_6, ON)
        case 10: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_7, ON)
        case 0: sendCommand(Wohnzimmer_Effekt_8, ON)

An example for calling a Scene:

rule "Effekt 8 einstellen"
        Item Wohnzimmer_Effekt_8 changed to ON
        var String hueApiCall = "curl@@-X@@PUT@@-d@@{\"scene\": \"%s\" }@@"
        executeCommandLine(String::format(hueApiCall, "ZjFI5attO7dvmoY"))
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Effektlicht_Status, OFF)
        postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Effektlicht_Status, ON)

Explanation of the rule:
\"scene\": \"%s\" }<--- This is the String you have to Pass to JSON API is the URL you have to call (despite of group number and IP)
executeCommandLine(String::format(hueApiCall, "ZjFI5attO7dvmoY")) <-- this string is the Scene ID you get from the hue JSON API ( )
To get all Scenes, set a get request to http://ip/api/yourapikey/scenes
postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Effektlicht_Status, OFF)<--- calls a rule that sets all other lights to OFF (to get proper status)
postUpdate(Wohnzimmer_Effektlicht_Status, ON)<--- just sets the status to ON after setting it OFF
Relating to Alexa: you can pass all the homekit tags to your items. Alexa can grab them so you can call these items. helped me alot.

If you have questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Hue - using sendHttpPutRequest to select scenes
(UweB) #6

Hey Dennis, great post. I will dig into it on one of the next weekends. Looks promising to me.
As you have a Bayernlicht defined, are you located in Bavaria?
If so, greetings from FFB area :wink:


(Angelos) #7

very nice idea!
I will use this randomizer also in my stair led dimmer rule for fun (when I enter the house to dim the lights from 1% to 100%) :slight_smile:

(Dennis) #8

Hi Uwe,

no im from Herne, a town near dortmund! I called this Scene Bayernlicht because i looked for some easy names for alexa :smiley: This Scene combines blue light with red light. I Gave up looking for names after realizing, that i have to look for 8 more names :smiley:

Have fun with realizing your solution!