Performance problem on build 361


I just downloaded build 361 for runtime and addons. I uncompressed both, copied items and sitemap from alpha2 release and started OH2.

I have only 3 zwaves devices on my installation (controller and 2 switchers) and when I switched one device I got a 30 seconds response time. As this was working fine with alpha2 release, I removed all unneeded addons. I only have now zwave, yahoo and hadmin jars files. And now, my response time is fine. It is almost instantaneily.

Any reason for such behaviour?

Further testing keep the same delay of 30 seconds after removing the addons.

Does it work if you do not use ZWave (but any other or none binding)?
Which ZWave binding are you using? The one from openHAB 1.x?

I used the one shipped in the addons bundle. This morning the response was faster and I only tested it with zwave as I have no other device