Permanently delete Z-wave nodes

I switched off some zwave nodes and delated from list of things in Paper UI.
Usually after a while I see the deleted nodes in the list of new discovered z-wave objects.
Is it possible to permanently delete them?


You need to properly exclude them from the controller.

I totally agree with sihui: there are two levels for Z-Wave:

  1. The OH level makes use of the Z-Wave network level. So the 1st step is to get rid of the channels and things on OH level that are associated with the devices you want to get rid of.
  2. You need to get rid of the relevant devices. For that you set the controller in exclusion mode and trigger the exclusion on the device itself (this step is device dependent, so look up how to do that in the device documentation). Basically that has has nothing to do with OH itself, but the admin capabilities (HABmin in OH2.5 and the Web UI for OH 3.0) offers the necessary options to do that.

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