Permundo PSC152ZW Z-Wave Rollershutter - how to stop

I have a tiny Permundo controller for my awning. It has two channels: a switch and a dimmer. The switch item works with ON and OFF. The rollershutter item for the dimmer works with a percentage value and ON and OFF, but not with STOP. A workaround is, using ON to start and another ON to stop.
As far as I learned from the forum, other rollershutter controller like Fibaro uses UP and DOWN.

Also in the sitemap when I am using for the dimmer item a switch, nothing worked. When I am using a slider, I can control my awning.

Is this a wrong definition in the Z-Wave database or did I make a mistake?

Did you try a Rollershutter itemtype?:

Rollershutter Roller shutter Item, typically used for blinds UpDown, StopMove, Percent

For your sitemap use a switch item and you get up/stop/down buttons.

There was a mistake in my original post: The Permundo has to channels (not items): switch and dimmer.

I assigned a rollershutter item, but it didn’t work.
I got the buttons in my sitemap, but without function. When I am using a slider for the rollershutter item (dimmer channel), I can control the position. The switch for the switch item (switch channel) worked like a switch.

Okay, I missed the fact that your device does not have a blinds_control channel: