Persist data with specific time stamp

Hi all,

I just started with openHAB and am running it on an Raspberry Pi 3 with openhabian.
Currently I am persisting sensor and weather data (OpenWeatherMap) to a remote MariaDB via jdbc, which just works fine. I am plotting the persistet data on a HABPanel via n3-line-chart and it works very well. Bascially I am plotting temperature sensor data and weather (outside) temperature into a single chart.

Now, I would like to make use of the OpenWeatherMap forecast (3h) data and plot it into the diagram. I imagine it shows the forecasted temperature in the chart, but 3 hours ahead so that I can later visually compare the forecast with the actual current numbers and plan ahead.

So bascially I would like to persist the current forecast data with the specific time stamp of the forecasted data in future (3h in future), but not with the current time stamp.

Is this possible? Is there a solution? Thanks in advance for your ideas!

IMHO using the existing persistence services this is directly not possible.
Saving those forecast values and updating at each cycle (minute?) an extra item that stores the value forecasted for the actual time would work. The update would be done with persisted value of 3 houres ago.

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