Persisted item timestamp off by 2h, 13min, 47sec


i know this sounds kinda strange, but i caught one of my rules (calculating power over time) spewing up strangely wrong values, so i dug in and found out that all items get persisted with timestamps that are 2h, 13min and 47 seconds in the past.
I’m running on openHAB 2.2.0 Build #1009, with a jdbc connection to mariadb 10.2.7 in a dockerized container. openHAB runs on openHABian on Raspberry Pi.

Anyone come across this strange behaviour?

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Alexander Strnad

I bet the clock in your container is off from your host. Try mounting /etc/localtime read-only into the container.

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Thank you very much @rlkoshak, that was exactly what happened. Now i just need to teach the qnap container station some manners about the timezone to use :slight_smile:

Just to complete the story: Synching time of the host with ntpd and setting TZ to Europe/Vienna on the container fixed the time issues!

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