Persistence append strategy type

I’m using infux db for persistence in openhab. My current strategy is everyChange, everyMinute and restore on startup. I’m using every minute for the graphs in grafana but for some things i would like to filter out those datapoints.

So my question is: Is it possible to add de strategy to the saved record so i can filter on the type of strategy that saved the data?

In case of influxDB with Grafana it’s not necessary to use everyMinute, as Grafana is capable to fill the gaps itself (is configurable per item/graph)

I have sensors that only update every couple of hours. When i create a graph of that data in grafana for the last 3 hours so that the grapgh only contains 1 datapoint how can i fill the graph to show a line for the data?

Ah. Well, then there is a chance that there is no measuring at all in the time frame. I’m not sure about how Grafana will handle this.

In that case Grafana will not chart that value at all. The “previous value” fill option in Grafana only works if there is a previous value actually on the chart.


You don’t say what “some things” is so I can’t offer any suggestions for other approaches.

What do you mean with “some things”?

That’s what you need to tell us.

For what “things” do you want to filter out the every minute data points for? In what context? Rules? Graphs? History?