Persistence bug on items with TAGS? (2.4.0 #1302)

I have a couple of items updated through http requests, they belong to the same persistence group and persists on “everyChange” and “everyHour”. After I updated from 2.3 to 2.4 one of them has stopped updating on “everyChange” (everyHour works fine), and it’s the only one using tags.

Anyone else seeing this?

Number W_VE_Fe_Stue_Vegg (gPersistMysqlChange,gTotalHeatingWatt) { http="<[*?\"(.*?)\".*?)]" }
Number W_Huset_Alle (gPersistMysqlChange) [ "iss:type:DevElectricity","iss:unit:Watt" ] { http="<[*?\"(.*?)\".*?)]" }

There was a issue with tags and persistence in the past.

Are there any entries in the log?
Have you restarted OH?

Hm, I’ll have to check some more on any tag error messages later today. But I’ve restarted OH and I do see the item get “changed” in the event.log just not persisted.

I would remove the tags for test, zu see if your assumption is right.