Persistence, or lack thereof

Whoa! Useful bits of info!

I will give that a try in a bit.

Note - the built in back icon.
And as far as I can tell, only if I click Save then back. (and the message MAY come up immediately but be hidden until I close where I’m at)

BOY did I have a TON of orphans.

And I did a Find & Replace and changed my coordinator from an obscure ID to something that makes sense! And all still WORKS!

Turns out, I have been spending the last week or so chasing orphans and not knowing it.

Daddy Warbucks would have been proud.

The links’ll come out, tomorrow!

BTW - I now know a TON of stuff about the WINDOWS implementation of ZigBee and what goes on with naming and UID’s and such. Probably to be documented clearly at some point.

Turns out, I can do a TON of directory/file renaming and UID renaming (in the Windows implementation) as long as I don’t change the “IEEE/MAC Address” line. Which… is the default FILENAME for every Zigbee Item I add. And I can rename it. And make it work. But the base code, when it detects something it looks for the Mac Address as a filename and tries to add it again. Oh well.

By the time you are dealing with OH add-ons, the only difference will be the path to the coordinator (on Windows you’ll have a COM port and on Linux you’ll have a /dev/ttyUSB0 or some such).

So everything else you’ve learned is universal to all OH installations, not just Windows.

I kinda understand WHY the directory name is the thing’s mac address. But it would be nice if I could name the directory (sub-directory) something like SONOFF_S31_LITE_ZB01.xml instead of 0123456789ABCDEF.xml. But that would required yet another file of “mapping” mac 2 directory and complicate things even more.

At least I CAN changed the UID so inside OH I see a better indicator of what the heck it is.

So… I will create my OWN mapping file! :smiley: