Persistence Question - Basic (Multi-Services)

this time a very basic question. I used to have RRD4j as my persistence service. All set clearly in the rrd4j.persist and it works great. For Grafana reason i today started to migrate towards influxDB. I setup influxdb, did activate the persistence service in Openhab…

but now my uncertainty starts…

  • can i keep both services running? (rrd4j + Influxdb)

  • which one to set as DEFAULT…what does default anyhow mean…is the other one automatically disabled?

  • Do both services (if work in parallel) take all *.persist files into account??
    As i have seen some say rrd4j.persist and influxdb.persist…others just put persist files with no <persistenceservice>.persist syntax…
    So the question, does the name rrd4j and influxdb already provide this selection and it has to be that way???
    my fear is that if i have an rrd4j and a influxDB persist file, and both are taken into account with same content, it would double the data stored as both would work through both files…

Cheers and thanks a lot for clarification!!!

As many as you like.

Completely your choice

If you use some function like getAverageSince but don’t tell it any particular database, it goes to the specified default service. That’s all.

No, why would they?
Each separate persist file is named for the service it configures.

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OK. Thanks - i’ve seen a persist file in a tutorial (influxdb+grafana) that was not named consistently to any service-name, so i was confused. Thanks a lot for clarification. all good again :slight_smile: