Persistence Service Not Modifiable

I’ve got rrd4j persistence working, for the most part, however I would like to be able to put/delete on occasion using the rest endpoints. Trying to do so, however, gives me a 400 error: "Persistence service not modifiable: rrd4j"
What am I missing in order to be able to use these rest endpoints?

I don’t understand specifically what you want to do but I don’t think you can delete data from a rrd4j table through OH’s persistence API.

I’m guessing these endpoints work with other persistence services then?

I’m wanting to do two things.

  1. Create a mock item with mock data (put).
  2. Delete all data for an item as a cleanup after removing the item (delete).

I was really hoping I could achieve these things through the rest API, and the fact that those endpoints are there made it seem possible.

I guess your use of “endpoints” is confusing me. You are referring to API calls.

I suspect the answer is yes, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve never tried it.

  1. Easy enough. Just create the Item and have it configured with persistence.

  2. Once you are done with the Item and have removed it from the rrd4j config just delete the file /var/lib/openhab2/persistence/rrd4j/<itemname>

The error makes it sound like it is primarily an issue with rrd4j and other persistence engines should work.