Persistence Services configuration file name problems


I am developing an persistence bundle. The bundle is build and can be loaded in the openHAB 2 runtime.

I created the .persist file with the config.
But I need a services config file, e.g. the JDBC persistence service has “runtime”/conf/services/jdbc.cfg .

I cannot understand how the system determines the name of this config file.

How are the different names in the different files connected?

The pom.xml, MANIFEST, file in OSGI-INF?

I created a .cfg file in “runtime”/conf/services but I do not get the config in my Persistence Service activate()-method.

Any hints?

Thanks a lot

No one an idea?

It is determined by the configuration-pid value of the service declaration. The “org.openhab” prefix is optional, so both files “jdbc.cfg” and “org.openhab.jdbc.cfg” will work in that example.