Persistence Stopped Working

Hi All,

I seem to have broken my persistance. I added in a 15 minute option as shown below.

Strategies {
default = everyChange
	every15Minutes : "0 0/4 * * * ?"	
	everyHour : "0 0 * * * ?"

Items {
* : strategy = every15Minutes, everyHour, restoreOnStartup

Now the debug log claimed that it failed to load mysql.persist (this file). I then played with the boot time of the persistence config file in openhab.cfg and have managed to get openhab to load the .persist file before starting the persistence service. This have removed the error in the debug claiming it can’t find the configuration model.

However, the persistence still isn’t working and nothing is getting stored into mysql.

Is there any other place to look (debug logs) to find out what the issue is?


First, the Strategy every15Minutes should be “0 0/15 * * * ?”
Second, I’m not really sure, but it’s maybe better to set everyHour e.g. to “0 2 * * * ?” to avoid Conflicts in accessing the Database.
Third, are you sure that openHAB has access to mysql at all? Even without any items stored, openHAB should write at least one table for item translation. If openHAB can’t get access to the database, it should complain at startup in the openhab.log.

Thank you. I will try these changes now.

All of the folders are present in mysql as they were in there from when the persistence service was working. Just no new entries from the date I made the changes.

Interestingly when I update the persist file I see mention of refreshing the model in the debug log but I do not see any cron job entries for the new mysql writes. I am pretty sure I used to see this. Is that correct?