Persistence using SSL connection


I need to safely transmit data from an OpenHAB system to a remote databank on a university server using the JDBC persistence. I would prefer MySQL, but can also switch to another databank accepting Blobs (postgreSQL or MariaDB). The databank runs on an Ubuntu machine.

As the connection is via the Internet, I wanted to secure the connection using the SSL connection mode of the dababank. I can use private SSL certificates generat by MySQL or use an official university server certificate (where Telekom CA2 is the root certificate, integrated in Java since version 6).

Will OpenHAB be able to connect to a MySQL database requiring SSL? I found some examples on the web for the JDBC string that used additional parameters, e.g.


Will OpenHAB accept the SSL property or ignore this part?

Or is there another approach you would recommend?


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I’m facing the same problem. Any help is appreciated!

It simply works by specifying the credentials and settings in the config files. I am traveling and cannot send the details, but as far as I found out, the SSL connection is enabled then.

Thx - I will try.