Personal Alert For Openhab

Has anyone created a “Personal Alert” for openHAB?
Like a fob that creates a, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” message?

A simple way might be a small hardware button like the Hue Smart Button (Hue Bridge or other Zigbee (I think?) Bridge / USB Stick needed) in combination with a rule sending Telegram Messages / Emails to predefined contacts… :thinking:
Maybe in combination with a color light that is switching to red to show that the button press was picked up and the emergency messages where send :thinking:

But would that be reliable enough for you? Hue Buttons work mostly reliable for me - but is 99% reliable enough? And after that the openHAB Hue binding has to work, the message service binding, the Phone of the person (s) receiving the message, …
One example - my wife was no longer getting certain messages because I had openHAB sending them via Telegramm - and her iPhone had automatically deleted the app to save storage… Took her months to mention that she wasn’t getting these alarms anymore…

I looked into this a few years back and ultimately decided for something as critical as this a dedicated special purpose service would be far better than anything I would create. I couldn’t possibly maintain the sort of uptime and reliability required for something potentially life critical like this.

I like your idea of the Smart button. I must have looked at a dozen or more similar buttons over the last few weeks. I am hoping someone got one working with openHAB. I don’t like the idea of reinventing the wheel.

If you use the Hue Bridge & Button:

  • Binding: Philips Hue - Bindings | openHAB
  • connect Hue Button with Hue Bridge
  • add Things for Bridge & Button to openHAB via auto discovery
  • add a messenger service (email, Telegramm, Twitter…) to openHAB

Add a rule similar to this (rule written in Jython):

@rule("Send Emergency Message", description="Alert Neighbours", tags=["message", "emergency", "telegram"])
@when("Channel hue:0820:xxxxx:button1:dimmer_switch_event triggered 1002.0")
def sendServiceMessage(event):"Rule \"Send Service Message\" triggered")
    bot1 = actions.get("telegram", "telegram:telegramBot:bot1Service")
    bot1.sendTelegram("Emergency Message")

Will be similar with other buttons / messenger services…


I know what you mean. I am trying to cover all aspects of security and reliability.
I will also look at a method using cellphone communication. When I purchased this house the previous owners had a very sophisticated and expensive security system (Vivint). When I considered picking up the they tried to rip me off so I dumped them. I took over all the door sensors, window sensors, heat, smoke, and CO sensors, etc.
I removed the cell circuit board from their control panel. At the time a company,, would provide that service but I have yet to interface openHAB to That will be my next question to the community after I resolve the personal alert issue. Assuming still provides the service.

I really want a fob that a person can carry around their neck or something.

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