Personnel icons not shown

Hi there

Is it normal, that personnels icons are not shown on myopenHAB?
I’m using for openhab2 my Raspberry latest version and icons are in openHAB2-conf/icons.

Display on my IPhone IOS 10.

Thanks in adance for any help.
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You mean when you log in to your myopenHAB account?
No, there are no icons …

Edit: ahh, now I got it: I guess you mean while logging in to
Yes, personnel icons are present, but it takes a while until you can see them (in my case it took almost 20 seconds until they were available)

The “Helligkeit MotSens” has a personnel icon, located in \conf\icons\classic

Hi Sihui

On my navigator, I don’t have a problem :slight_smile:

But on my IPhone icons are missing :frowning:

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Okay, not of any help here, I’m Android user :grinning:

Here are some hints to get it going:

I’ve recently seen some traffic talking about support for svg in the phone apps. Are you using svg or png icons?

Hi Rich

I should have told it sorry.
I’m using svg icons



AFAIK svg icons are not supported on the iOS app (at the moment). See also here:

Hi Stefan

Thanks for your help.

I’ll try it later. I had already a lot of work finding my svg icons :slight_smile:

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