Philio PSM02-1 Multi-Sensor not recognised after switch to Openhab2

Firstly…thanks for all your hard work on this stuff.

Sensor details:

I had this working in openhab1 and habmin, but I cant remember how. I am trying to move to openhab2 and this is the only sensor I cant get working correctly. I have tried waiting for it to register, as well as copying the (nodenumber).xml file from my openhab(1) installation but it just shows up as an unknown device.

I also have a Philio PST02A Slim Multi-Sensor (which is very similar but gen5) which is recognised fine. Whats the easiest way to get this PSM02-1 working in openhab2?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Does the device create an XML file? If not, then please provide a debug logfile as we need to find out why this is. Don’t try and copy another XML file and change it as this will likely cause problems.

It didnt but I copied the openhab1 in there - it then seemed to have registered. Based on the advice elsewhere about not doing that. I have now deleted it. I will see if it gets created this time.

You will need to wake up the device a few times before it (hopefully) creates a new file, or alternatively wait for it to wake itself (which may take a few hours to complete - or longer if you have a long wakeup set).