Philio PST02-1A

I have some problems with my 4 in 1 Philio sensor. I have included it into Items with:

//Philio 4 in 1
Number  Door_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f C]"        <temperature> (alarm) {zwave="17:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL,sensor_type=1"}
Number  Door_Illuminance "Illuminance [%.0f Lux]"      <sun>         (alarm) {zwave="17:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL,sensor_type=3"}
Contact Door_Motion      "Motion [MAP(]"    <motion>    (alarm)        { zwave="17:command=SENSOR_BINARY,respond_to_basic=true" }
Contact Door_Contact     "Porta [MAP(]"     <contact>     (alarm) {zwave="17:1:command=SENSOR_BINARY,sensor_type=10,respond_to_basic=true"}
Number  Door_Battery     "Battery [%s %%]"             <socket>      (alarm) {zwave="17:command=BATTERY"}

The illuminance and the battery level are ok.
But I get the temperature in °F and not in °C.
And the contact as well as the motion do not run. I can release it as often as I want but nothing happens.

Has someone this device in operation and can give me the right code and parameter settings.

Use this configuration:

Number    MS_Battery                "Battery [%d %%]"                        (cBatterie)                        { zwave="15:command=battery" }
Number    MS_Temperature            "Temperature [%.1f °C]"    <temperature>    (cTemperatur)                    { zwave="15:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,sensor_scale=0" }
Number    MS_Bright                 "Brightness [%d]"                        (cHelligkeit)                    { zwave="15:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=3" }
Contact   MS_Door                   "Door [MAP(]"                        (cTuere)                        { zwave="15:command=sensor_binary,sensor_type=10" }
Number    MS_Alarm                  "Alarm [%d]"                            (gInitializeZero)                { zwave="15:command=sensor_binary,sensor_type=12" }

Also check the “Customer Function” Parameter. I use 20 successfull.

Hey Spaceman_Spiff,

thank you for the support. Now it’s running except the Alarm. I used the “Customer Function” like proposed with 20. After that the Door contact was running, but not the Alarm.
Please can you do me a favour and explain how you got the “Customer Function” with 20. Was it try and error? I read the documentation but I do not understand how to calculate the fugures:

Attention - the alarm does not send an 0 command. I use this for battery saving purposes.
Can you do a rule where the trigger is “received update” ?

That’s it.

Thank you. It runs.

Hi @Spaceman_Spiff

I have pst02-1c multisensor , my items looks like:

Contact KitchenMotion "Kitchen Motion [%s]" (motion) { zwave="13:command=sensor_binary,sensor_type=12" } Contact KitchenDoor "Kitchen Door [%s]" (door) { zwave="13:command=sensor_binary,sensor_type=10" } Number KitchenTemp "Kitchen Temp [%.1f]" (temp) { zwave="13:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,sensor_scale=0" } Number KitchenBrightness "Kitchen Brightness [%d]" (brightness) { zwave="13:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=3" } Contact KitchenTamper "Kitchen Tamper [%s]" (alarm) { zwave="13:command=alarm" } Number KitchenBattery "Kitchen Battery [%d]" (battery) { zwave="13:command=battery" }

I am not getting door closed/open status, remaining parameters are reporting correctly.
Is there any special configuration required for door status…?
Please give any idea how to do this…?

Thanks in advance

Did you set the “Customer Function” Parameter to 20?

Also PST02-1C has no movement sensor!
Please change your items accordingly.


customer function is not set to 20.
i will try and report in few minutes

thanks @Spaceman_Spiff
it works…


has someone managed to use the illuminance for rules with this sensor?
e.g. I would like to switch lights off or open rollershutter, when luminance reaches a certain value.
I know this sensor is “sleeping” and you can adjust to send automatic reports more frequently, but do someone has an idea for a good rule?


I set the report frequency to 15min.
This works quite well.
I use illumination in multiple rules.

Hi there,

I’m struggeling with connecting the Philio 4-in1 motion sensor (PHI_PST02-1A) in OpenHAB2 (on Raspberry with Z-Wave+ USB Stick Aeotec (Z-Stick Gen5 / ZW090-C)).

It appears as “unknown device” (Z-Wave Node6) in my PaperUI - thus I’m not able to connect the channels.

Any help would be nice …


There are several Philio PST* devices in the database:
Please check your xml file if you have a different device type and id.
If not wake the sensor up several times, there should be a button to do that (check the manual)

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I’ve found it in the database:

But what are the next steps … I’m a bit lost :frowning:

Is the device completing initialisation? Exactly what do you see on the screen? If it’s not showing a set of numbers that identify the device, then it’s probably not initialised yet and you need to wake up the device. If it does show a set of numbers, then please advise what these are so we can check the database.

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After excluding the device and incuding it again via HABmin it appeared again as “unknown device”. Then I clicked on “heal the device” … and now it’s recognized correctly

It seems to work now :slight_smile: