Philio PST02-4A-AU zwave 4 in 1 sensor - no motion data

I have a Philio PST02-4A-AU zwave 4 in 1 sensor which was all good in OH1 - got it all up and running back then but had no real use case at the time to do anything with it. I have now one and long since moved to OH2. Everything seems to be working - it is online and all the channels are there, I have data for lux, battery etc but the motion channel never shows any data. I originally had a mapping but have since gone back to no mapping to see if I can get something but still no luck.

Anyone else got one of these and have it working?

should be this

I have it working 100%

Mind sharing your paramaters? I thought I had defaults but maybe I’m missing one

I use it, too - it worked in OH1.8 but in OH2 I have no motion-signal, too - so maybe the same problem?

I added Presets to the database some time ago…
I use these presets for param 5 and 7 (esp. param7 set to 22 should be relevant if you use the channel alarm_motion; if you use access channels also other values for param7 should be ok)

@shorty707 - bang on! The highlighted parameter was the one I needed changed that and motion works! Thanks so much!

Now can anyone tell me how to turn off the LED when motion is detected?

Set Parameter 5 to value 8

This disables Test Mode and Motion + Sensor Door will not blink anymore when triggered

That seemed to not work - still get red LED on motion and now not showing motion in sitemap…

do I have the paramaters right?

Looks good. Was the the device woken Up (pending in habmin gone) ?

Yes eventually I’ve since set params back to when it was working and now motion is not triggering again


Hi all,

I have the same problem, with openhab2.
This is my first sensor and I don’t know how to change the configuration parameter you suggest.

Regards Mirko

Go to PaperUI > Configuration > Things > Edit

Thanks, I find the configuration.
When I change it, for example Operation Mode, that now is empty, after saving I got an error:
ERRO 400 - Bad Request

No exceptions in log files.

Any idea ?

I got that a while back thought it had been fixed but I run on 2.3 nightlies

Have you tried installing Habmin


With Habmin I have changed the configuration and everything is working.