Philips dynalite binding

Wonder if someone tried to make binding for Philips home automation (mostly lights and relays for switching loads).
Im don’t have an IT background so could be wrong but it looks it shouldnt be too hard to do.
Philips devices communicate on rs485 bus via simple hex commands which are well documented and open, no crypto stuff. Beside rs485 there are devices so it is possibne to communicate with DyNet (name for network of dynamite devices) via RS233 or tcp/ip.

I managed to make arduino send commands via rs232 to automate few things but now would like to integrate it to openhab where i have TV and AV receiver so i could send commands from Dynalite keypads to these devices and in opposite direction from Openhab server to dynalite devices.

Is there anyone else with dynalite in home who tried similar stuff?

How hard would it be for me to make binding? What is needed?

Sry for “begginers” topic.