Philips Hue and energy optimization


I would like to share with you my experience and thoughts on Philips Hue in OpenHab. I want to have a fully controllable lightning system but also to optimize the energy consumption.

I have my Philips Hue bridge 2.0 working well with OpenHab 1.8.1. The bridge is plugged on a Z-Wave power switch and it consume 1.4W. I think it’s too much and I try to shut it down to save some power.
It was a disaster. The binding does not handle “reachable” ON/OFF status for the bridge,it produce a warning log every time it cannot access the bridge and I see no option to configure timeout.
I plan to have a look at the code and submit some improvement via a pull-request.
I propose you to add the information with this binding
Contact HueBridgeReachable "Hue bridge reachable" { hue="0;reachable" }

I would also like to bind the “reachable” information of the bulb for conditional sitemap.
Contact HueBulb1Reachable "Hue bulb 1 reachable" { hue="1;reachable" }

I propose you to add the power estimation of the bridge with this binding
Number HueBridgePower "Hue bridge power" { hue="0;power" }
It will be a simple estimate, 0 when not reachable, 1.4W when reachable.
I don’t have any data for v1.0 of the bridge.

I propose you to add the power estimation of the bulbs with this binding
Number HueBuld1Power "Hue bulb 1 power" { hue="1;power" }
The estimation will be like
if (!reachable) return 0 return constRadio + constR * color.R + constG * color.G + constB * color.B
I will do a measurement with my actual bulb and check if we need to have gamma correction in the model.

Does any of you already did this kind of setup ?


Is 1.4w really a lot to keep on 24x7? I’m sure you will find way more devices in your home using more than that… Why not focus on them first?

The money you spent on the zwave power switch probably can’t be made up with the savings of turning off your bridge to just save 1.4w…

For sure in the absolute 1.4 W not big, it’s far far below energy for heating and cooking.
But on 1 week total, the bridge consume more energy than the 3 lights bulb together and more than my TV.
My bridge is already on a 6x Z-Wave power switch, the optimization is easy and won’t cost me anything.
The total consumption of my home automation is 4,6 W (thanks you Raspberry Pi), I take the -30%.

I’d be interested to know the power consumption of your whole house at 2am while you are all sleeping…
Mine is about 450 watts… I’ve resigned myself to not being able to reduce that much further… :frowning:
Although I probably could, I have too many things running for sure!

Some news about the project.
It’s now clear that Hue bulb radio is 0.5W but the estimation of the light consumption is a little more complex.
I need to understand the color model used internally to power the lights.