Philips Hue and KNX

Hi All

I want to control a Philips Hue with my KNX MDT Switch.

So lets say, i press the button for “Lights OFF” on my physical MDT KNX Switch, i want also that Philips Hue turns off and not only my KNX controlled lights.

Do you have an example for how to do this?

Currently in my items:
`Color Garten_Garten1 “Spot Garten 1” (gGarten, Lights) {hue=“2”}
Color Garten_Garten2 “Spot Garten 2” (gGarten, Lights) {hue=“1”}
Color Garten_Garten3 “Spot Garten 3” (gGarten, Lights) {hue=“4”}


The KNX group in scope to turn ON/OFF lights has the address of 1/0/0 and works find for all KNX.

How can switch of Hue blubs if one of the physical KNX switches tells group 1/0/0 to switch OFF/ON?

Any update, to the question?

this is easily achieved with a simple rule…

check the community for examples (there are many)