Philips Hue lamp in Paper UI only reacts to manual change, not to rule

Hi Experts, I have started with openHAB yesterday only. I cannot found the answer to this elsewhere:

I am using Windows 10, latest openHAB. I am working with the Paper UI only for the moment.

I have a Philips Hue lamp that I want to dimmer at a certain moment in time, rule based. If I change the slider manually in the items tab, the lamp reacts immediately. I mean this slider:

If I change the slider via a rule, the exact same slider changes beautifuly, but the lamp does not react at all. Only if I touch the slider manually, the lamp adapts. The rules states, in Paper UI (I cannot post 2 images): “Update the state of lamp1_Helligkeit to 100”, where lamp1_Helligkeit is the brightness item of the lamp.

What am I doing wrong? Can you give me a hint? Thanks!

I think you may not be on latest version. Paper ui is in openhab2. Latest version is openHAB 3. If you are just getting started I suggest start with openhab3.

From the screenshot he is using openHAB 3 already.

I have recognized this behavior too but I didn’t test enough yet to file an issue.

The behavior is different in items view, models and pages for example in my environment.

Thank you so much. Indeed, I am using openHAB 3.0.0. I will then assume that this is a bug in openHAB, and that I must switch to code already?

Yes the picture is oh3. Sorry I did not look at picture just the words of power ui. An earlier post stated paper ui removed so I was confused.

I am still not sure if there really is a bug.
I would have expected way more questions here if there was one. So it in could be a local installation problem too.

Unfortunately I had no time yet to check what’s going on behind the scenes.

Maybe posting the contents of the rule would help?

I have an application where i do more or less the same thing, which works. Maybe you should send a command instead of updating the state? Not really sure exactly what the difference is

I have found the culprit! The Profile of the Channel was set to “Standard”. If I use “Folgen”, it works. So, I should not have assumed that “Standard” means “does what you expect”… Thank you so much Danny, Joris and Jerome for your help!

BTW, the German-English mishmash (“Profile”, “Folgen”) is actually from my Main UI, which is mostly in English, but with some German words inbetween.