Philips Hue Performance (and errors)


I have around 50x Hue bulbs, and 7x of them are in the living room. - I have Z-Wave wall-switches, and have been playing around with “dimmer” settings like press-and-hold to dim. - My observation is that openHAB and Hue somehow get overwhelmed with the amount of requests. Even with quite a fair delay, like “change the dimmer value by 20% for seven bulbs every second, while the button is pressed” eventually creates errors (like Hue 404 errors) or sudden asynchronous change of the bulbs dimmer levels.

When using the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (remote control) I never have any problems. Smooth dimming and smooth scene switching, and always instantaneous.

Now, I know that the Philips remote speaks directly to the Hue hub via ZigBee, and that my requests from the wall-switch go via Z-Wave to openHAB, and then via the network to the Hue hub. However, I would not consider switching the dimmer levels or 7 bulbs (=7 requests?) every second as something wild.

I have considered another way, which is having predefined scenes in the Hue hub, e.g. for “Very low, low, medium, bright, full” light levels, but given the lack of support for scenes in the openHAB Hue binding, I wouldn’t know how to trigger the scenes without doing some manual HTTP requests to the Hue hub.

Altogether, I am a bit disappointed with the performance of the Hue binding. (The above goes together with occasional observations of “lost” commands. I.e. switch of 6 bulbs, but one remains on, even though all items etc. in openHAB have the correct state, the command simply disappears…)

So, this is not really a question, but more a “statement” of some issues I have from real-life experience with openHAB and the Hue binding. - Any comments, experiences, tips and tricks to resolve the above, would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I feel your pain on the one out of 7 staying on. I have 8 bulbs and randomly have one or two not get the command. Not sure where the problem lies, but it happens.

Hello maybe I’ve got a solution for your/the problem, you can find here: Realzing a Smooth HUE Dimmer - solved