Philips Hue Status Update

Followed this setup to implement philips hue in openhab2:

So far everything works except the switch item doesn’t update the status in case that the bulb was turned on by an external device (

Did I miss something or a bug?


Hi Michael,
I too noticed that the UI at times does not update and needs to be manually refreshed. I have the same issue also with graphs at times. Not pretty (the need to have to refresh), but it may help to locate what is working and what not. And wait for the next release.
Hope this helps

I’m also having the same problem, but for me refreshing the UI (basic and android) does not help. I can see in the events log that the change in the light state has been noted. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the update status returned is “hue_0210_001788268cf2_6_color changed from 231,86,0 to 231,86,66” rather than an ON/OFF state?

Have a similar issue here when items are being switched on/off via external app or switch (eg. Hue App):

  • items with thing Id 210 are being updated
  • items with thing Id 0000 or 0010 (Switches) are not being updated
    There is no log entry either for items where status is not being updated. My configuration seems to be right since I can control all items via openhab2. When controlled with openhab2, status also changes accordingly. Issue is effective with external controls only.

Anybody an idea? Could this be a bug?

I have exactly the same problem.
Does anyone found an solution or workaround?
Thanks :slight_smile:


At least for things with Id 0000/0010 this is a confirmed bug as reported here.
There is no update on this so far. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Does anybody know, if it already fixed?
I’m not sure where to find this information in github…

Yes, it has been fixed and should be part of OH2.2 (hopefully to be released soon …).
Please see also this thread for details.

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