Philips Hue unexpected behavior


Just curious;
When OpenHAB switches off my Hue lights, the lights can behave a bit unexpected sometimes. I observe two different types of switching off: The first type dims the lights until they’re off (I’d say that’s ‘normal’), the second type just kills the lights, they go off instantly. The killing of the lights doesn’t occur often, but when it occurs, it is mostly 2 or 3 times in a row, and it occurs within all switched lights. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if the lights are switched by a group or individually by switching the items within the group.
Is there an explanation for this behavior? Or
Anybody else also observing this kind of behavior?



Hi greenJ,

are you still observing this behavior?
Can you paste some log output when the strange behavior happens?


Hi Markus,

Thanx for the reply.
A while ago I updated my hue bridge’s firmware and I updated my hue binding to the latest snapshot release. I havent observed any strange ‘switching’ after that.



Verzonden van mijn HTC

Good to hear :smile: