photoURL does not represent a known image type

Hey all,
I’m running Telegram binding to send status updates and sometimes attaching images from my security cams via sendTelegramPhoto function.
I just setup a Pi Zero W with the PiCam and installed motioneye as software. I can properly curl images from the motioneye webfrontend, but when using Telegram function in my rules I get the error message:

photoURL does not represent a known image type

The Telegram call in my rule is:

val String url = ""
sendTelegramPhoto("bot1", url,"Groundfloor")

Anyone an idea how to get this working natively. One bad workaround is to curl in executeCommandLine and place the image in OH’s /static folder and process is from there with sendTelegramPhoto. But thats another step that can break so I’m looking for a native solution.
Thanks for your help.

Created a github issue in order to analyze