Physical switches and dimmers

Hi All,

So I’m embarking on my first foray into home automation and it’s going to be a doozy. We’ll be pulling the house apart over Christmas and I plan to standardise on 12v LED strip throughout controlled via DMX. The biggest departure from accepted wisdom is that I don’t intend to have any physical control devices in the path to override my OLA based DMX controller. Check my other post if you think I’m mad to do this.

So despite not having a physical device inline with the lighting fixture to turn it on and off I feel that I do need some sort of physical switch available to override my standard rules when required. So far the only thing I’ve seen that looks like it would fit the bill without breaking the bank is something like the KR32A X10 based keyfobs. I’d be keen on hearing from anyone who has used these in the past (X10 worries me a little) along with suggestions on what else is available that could do the same thing. Note that having to log on to a phone, tablet, or other device to override will not meet the required wife acceptance factor level.