Pi openHAB2 start/index not found

I have been trying to get openHAB2 installed for the past several hours. I can’t believe I’m having this much trouble just getting the thing installed. I followed the instructions for the apt-get install openhab2-online. When I try to go to the page for the first time I get


Problem accessing /start/index. Reason:

Not Found

There doesn’t seem to be much information about getting this to work other than wait for a few minutes for openHAB to start. Could there be an issue with installing openHAB classic first then removing it and installing openHAB2?

I finally fixed it and installing openHAB first was the issue. I uninstalled openHAB but didn’t remove the openhab.service file. I don’t know what it was doing but once I deleted the openhab.service file and rebooted everything started working.