Pilight Binding: Fix Port (after Pilight reboot)

Hi, because Pilight-forum is dead please let me ask my question here:

Im using the pilight-bridge as thing in OH3 (OH 3.3.0 on Raspi3)
Everytime, when the pilight service (on Raspi3, Pilight 8.1.5) restarts (reboot, restart service,… or something else…) OH3 isnt finding/using the old, configurated port for communicating.
I have to bind it again and find out th new portnumber.
Is there a possibillity to force to use always the same port to OH3?



This sounds like your bridge is configured to use a a port number, right ?
Reason for failing reuse of that port seems to be that the port is not set in the deamons configurationas stated in the docs

Important: you must explicitly configure the port in the pilight daemon config or otherwise a random port will be used and the binding will not be able to connect.

Thank you for your reply!

Is that configured in the pilight config.json?
What is the correct syntax for this command?
I could not find any information about this command in the (pilight) forum.

Thx Macro

I don’t use the software. Just googled for it. It looks like that what you are looking for is documented on the software’s homepage e.g.

Oh, thank you - so simple that I overread it :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Works now!


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