Pine A64 won't boot

Hi all,
All new to OpenHab!

I’m working with a 2GB Pine A64. I have it hooked through a cable to ethernet, and have tried several micro USB cables and power supplies.

I used the SD image on the downloads page, the stable version, and Etcher to flash it. I have a 64 GB micro SD in the Pine.

However, it doesn’t seem to boot. I can’t find it on my network, the light indicating a cable connection on my router isn’t on either. The red power supply light on the Pine is on. I hooked up an old TV through HDMI, that says “no signal”.

Does anyone know how I can try to solve this, so that it’ll at least boot with the downloaded SD card?

Which image did you use? The RPi image won’t boot on PINE.
The openHABian image for PINE might still work, but it is outdated and no longer supported.
For the time being, our recommendation is to install ARMbian and openHABian on top, but frankly, a RPi is a safer choice.

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I used this image. Is that no longer supported?

I only have a RPi 1 lying around, so I was hoping I could try OpenHab om something I already have (such as the Pine a64+). I hav eno experience with this, but I think I found the right info.

I will try around tomorrow with this.

That’s the current image but for RPis only. Seems you didn’t read the notes you linked to yourself ?

I must indeed admit that I did not read those carefully at all and was too excited to get started. Sorry to bother you… Thanks for your advice!

You’re welcome. Don’t wanna hold you off a nice OH experience :slight_smile:

It worked! Installed Armbian buster, then OpenHab.
I have some other issues (network related) now, but I’ll try more this weekend. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

You can also install openHABian on top of ARMbian.