Pine A64?

Have somebody try to install homegear on the pine?

I receive an error:

Hit:1 trusty/ InRelease
Reading package lists… Done
W: Signature by key *********************** uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)

Can somebody help me to fix this?

What exactly are you waiting for?

One major issue for openHAB (2) on the Pine is the serial access, see 64 bit ARM serial.
So if anyone of you knows how to compile the stuff for arm64, it would be gorgeous!

Is there in the pipeline to provide a finished image for Pine64 with OH2 installed?

Have you guys looked at the image that exist for MOPIDY, they made it so that the first time you boot up the RPI, it ask you to type in several settings such as WLAN,Password etc. Would be great if we could make something similiar for Pine 64/RPI where we then specify my.openhab password and WLAN settings, static IP

Just an idea to bring the great OH to more users:)

My plans for now were to create an image based on the Debian image with Docker support, see

I haven’t seen the MOPIDY pine image yet (do you have a link?), but such a setup sounds nice for beginners.
The problem is that I do not have much time to look into such things myself in detail - so it would be great to have someone from the community vounteering for maintaing such images.

is there a image yet for the Pine64 with OH2?

No, I first want to have this issue solved.

I’m following closely, good luck! I just received my PINE64 today and another one is on its way.

Keep up the amazing work!


I just got my pine64, I haven’t tried to install openHAB on it yet (waiting for my Zwave module, which frustratingly costs double the price of the whole computer!). Pretty happy with it as a SBC though. Here is my full review: pine64 vs raspberry pi 2

I’m still waiting for my Pine64, seems like forever ago that I backed it, but I can’t wait to run openHAB 2 on it! Thanks for your review.

Waiting for my pine64 pre-installed with openhab too. Yes, seems so long ago, can’t wait to try. Updates say shipments are delayed several weeks. :angry:

My feedback from OH1 on Pine so far:

  • Setup of Aeon ZWave Stick (gen 2) takes some time, but then works like a charm, no issues so far
  • Could not find any way to make it play audio or mp3 streams with openhab core multimedia jplayer implementation, I had to recompile it to use VLC instead. Still figuring out VLC startup performance, it does take a good few seconds to start playing
  • It seems Pine64 would have the same issues with file system corruption on SD cards as it’s been reported in Raspberry. My first setup lived about a week before it started crashing. Could be quality of the card used or just the way it works. For now I disabled all logging to keep card access by OH to a minimum, yet to see how long it will outlive the current setup

Next on my list would be to start playing with GPIO binding to see if it would play nicely with Pine.

Today I finally received my Pine64.
But there’s only android on the SD-Card - while I ordered the openHAB-Package.

What is the best way to start for me?
Is there an image available to create my own SD-Card?

Just got mine this week too.

Images are here:

I decided to go with the regular Ubuntu image, as the OpenHab one is headless (no video) and I don’t have a serial interface available to configure the initial OS and network.

But the apt-get instructions got me through the OpenHab2 install in no time.

Also followed these steps to get Oracle Java installed. Note you want the 32-bit version.

I just installed the OpenHAB-image and I’m rather happy.
Even Z-Wave and enocean seems working with my sticks…

I’m confused now…? On the Image download page it says Z-Wave not yet supported? Has anyone managed to get the image working with the Pine64 zwave module…?

I think “Z-Wave not supported” is referring to the Z-Wave card from PINE64, whereas the USB Aeon Z-Sticks should work. Or perhaps even that has been worked out? (My PINE64 just arrived a couple days ago so I don’t have any first-hand experience with it yet.)

Thanks for the reply… I’m still waiting for mine… It’s been “Ready to Ship” on backerkit for more than a month now…

I’ve been searching for a tutorial on how to go about connecting to a headless Pine64 through the serial interface, but have not been able to find anything… I assumed I’ll need a USB serial programmer, so I ordered one from the Pine store. I see beginner tutorials for all the other images, but for some reason the OpenHAB image has no tutorial…? Can anyone help?

I got mine Pine64 - but the zwave-module will be shipped extra.
So I started with my current zwave-USB-stick.
And this combination worked out of the box…

Don’t worry about this. I initially thought I needed a serial cable too. But you can view the console through the HDMI cable. By headless it appears to mean no graphical desktop. The text console works fine through the HDMI output. I redid my setup using the “official” OpenHab Image, and had no issues.

From there you can plug in mouse and keyboard and setup wifi etc., or SSH in to the machine just like on a PI.

Hi David,
Are you sure that the pre-installed image can be accessed with HDMI? The official page clearly says “No HDMI” here.

Plus, I remember trying HDMI with my pre-installed openhab, but no go. So I made a backup of the image, installed Longsleep 20160415 and openhab manually, which seems to work.

But given that many in the pine64 forum complaining how they got the wrong image installed, I am wondering if some images work and some don’t, so perhaps you got lucky. :slight_smile: