Pinging the Openhab-Server for hot standby

Hi all,

I am running Openhab on a Pi 3 (live server) and on a Pi 1 (test server).

I am thinking about the following hot standby:

I want to install a second Pi 3 (backup server) which is a full mirrow of the live server, but with Openhab inactive.

The test server frequently checks whether the live server is up.

If not it pushes a file to the backup server and a cron job on the backup server activates Openhab.

I know that with the Network binding I can ping the live server and see whether it is up.
But that is the whole server, not Openhab itself.

My question:
Is there a way how the test server can check whether Openhab is down on the live server, even when the live server itself is still up?
A kind of ping 192.168.X.X:8080


you could use the execute binding and grab the index.html via wget or something similar…

Would this work?

That is what the Network device with running service Thing is for.

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