Planning 1.8.1 and 2.0 beta2 releases

I will take on a few tomorrow.

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I will fix the compatibility of Freebox 1.x binding with OH2 in the best case today.

Would it be possible to provide packaged in OH2 the 1.x and the 2.0 version of a binding ? That could be intetesting until the 2.0 version is bug free and at the same level of features as the 1.x version.

This is decided case by case - e.g. for the Astro binding, there is a Astro1 binding in the distro as well for this reason.
In general, I think this rather leads to confusion and efforts should rather be spent on the 2.0 version in case that there are bugs - this is what beta versions are good for.

Clearly I will have no time before the 1st of February to discover and understand mew 2.0 code/architecture and improove the 2.0 binding !
Applying a simple fix to the 1.x version is more doable for me considering the very short delay.
My request was for general users. In my case, of course I will be able to install manually the 1.x version.

Where are we with that (I just saw this)?

I will try to fix that by the evening (GMT).

As mentioned in another topic, I tested with success MQTT binding 1.9 in openHAB2.
Do you want a PR to include MQTT 1.9 in openHAB2 distro ?

Yes please!

@teichsta When do you plan to start with this? Looking at, nothing has happened so far and I doubt that things can be closed by tomorrow…?

Please add the enphaseenergy binding to this list with the exact same error.

and the IHC binding.
I think we do not really need a list, we just need someone to go through them all in the Paper UI, click on them and observe the log file…

PR opened here.
Test JAR here.

Please report back with your findings and thanks.

There are currently two open issues whereas is “just” a question to be answered. So the only open issue is which i hope @theo can help with.

So none of the other 40 issues that have been reported since the 1.8.0 release is critical enough to be fixed with 1.8.1?

There may be some of the 56 issues (created since 11.01.2016) but no more PRs has been contributed. I’ll go through the open list since there are some duplicated and some already fixed.

going to upload binaries until noon on monday …

Thanks, will this include a 1.9.0.b2, so that I can refer to this in the 2.0.0.b2 distro build?

Please consider PR #3948: OH2 changes to 118 OH 1.x bindings for 1.9.0.b2.


Don’t forget the PR fixing the netatmo binding in the coming 1.8.1 release.