Planning 2.0 beta3 release

All, I am planning to do a new beta release of openHAB 2 this weekend.
It is clearly still beta, but I think a lot of stuff has happened since beta2, so that it is really time to have a new milestone. I am also planning to use this release for the Pine64 IoT package that is going to be shipped soon to the backers.

Please let me know if you see any critical bugs that definitely must be fixed for the release - it would be nice if a few of you could test the latest distro build for this. Thanks!

Hi Kai,

I have committed to openHAB 2 for developing a system for my new home which is due to be completed around the end of October this year. I decided to go this way rather than having to migrate to OH2 later.

So far my experience has been really good, apart from minor issues that I experience after updating to the latest snapshot on a WIN 7 system - I will report these in due course if I can identify a constant pattern, but normally a restart of OH2 is all I need to do to resolve, then all seems to be stable.

FYI, I update regularly and see no issues on my system following today’s update.

Looking forward to beta3.

Cool, glad to hear that it seems to be stable overall - thanks for the feedback!

I have Snapshot-305 running on my INTEL-NUC since yesterday, working fine so far.

Nevertheless, I could see the following issues :

If you define things via the .things file, any UPnP related things don’t come online.
I guess, that’s because ESH-JUPnP transport is only started as a dependency for the Bindings (SONOS, WeMo etc.)
(If I check with bundle:list, I can see that ESH-JUPnP is listed after the SONOS-Binding)

Using PaperUI to create the items is working fine and they come online straight away.

Could you please enter an according issue, so that it can be analyzed and tracked?

Yes, for shure. Where do you want it, ESH ???

If it is reproducible in the IDE (even the OH2 IDE), then yes. If it only occurs in the Karaf distro, then in openhab-distro.

OK,I will check later this afternoon and enter the issue accordingly.

ESH issue #1540 created

@chris: Is the Z-Wave binding in a state where you feel comfortable to have it included in the beta3? If not, let me know, what we might need to quickly fix and what we might want to list as “known issues” with it. Thanks!

Hi Kai,
Yes - I think so. There are a couple of issues that I’m working on (other than command class enhancements) - the security classes aren’t working well (but can be disabled by a UI configuration) and there is an issue with transaction management (but this actually also exists on OH1 as well).


Hi Kai

I work a long time with OH1. And I made some tests with OH2. The PaperUI is a big consept fail for usebility. Not the technic bihend the UI… Habmin do this with a lot of more usebility and confort. I meaning is, stop the manwork on this tree and work with habmin.

The next fail on OH2 is for embedded device and SD cards or readonly filesystem. In theory is possible to do that but not in real word for usible…

All other is very nice… I hope that homematic come nathiv for this version…

I ve OH2 since one month running smoothly on The rPi 3. The only thing I found was that The paperui was sometimes slow and needed a refresh. I didnt see any critical issues. I would say that it was stable, beside one issue what You ve fixed. I will try to Setup latest distro zip of OH2 and make some more basic testing.
Hope this helps.

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Ok, thanks @chris. Just want to be sure that I do take a snapshot where you are currently somewhere in the middle of some refactoring. I will probably do the beta3 build of the oh2-addons tonight, so please be warned!