Planning to migrate from OH2.5.12 to OH3: Which release should I use? v3.0.1 stable or v3.1 M3 (when available)

Hi community,

I would kindly appreciate your recommendations regarding my upgrade plans to OH3. I am running OH2 v2.5.12 in a docker container on my NAS and intend to upgrade to OH3.
Normally I would tend to v3.1 but I read that there are some problems with M2 and I would wait until Milestone 3 becomes available. But maybe v3.1 is too much “bleading edge” for production and I should maybe decide for v3.0.1 stable.

My plans would be to do the upgrade during the easter holidays - of course only if 3.1 M3 becomes available until then :yum:

Thank you all for any advice :slight_smile:


Unless you see “must have” features coming in 3.1.0 that are missing in 3.0.1 and could handle some degree of unresolved bugs, you should upgrade to 3.0.1 but use a snapshot version of the zwave binding if you use Z-Wave.
There were device database issues in 3.0.1 that were resolved shortly afterwards.

If you choose 3.1.0M3, be prepared to upgrade to 3.1.0 Stable when released. Milestones are bnot designed for stable long term production use.

Hi Bruce,

thanks for your response :+1: I searched the community but was not successful in finding what is new respectively different from 3.0.1 to 3.1. Is there some documentation around that available?



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