Plans /usage for UIs OH 3 (recommendation?)


I am using OH2 with Happanel for Tablet and Sitemaps + App for smartphone.

Now I read (and tried out) a little bit about the new pages (based on Framework7 ?) as UI, but with so much success.

But I would be more interresting in what is the plan for the “future” ? Will this pages the main “future” UI
for OH. Is this the right UI for smartphone ?

Or would it be better to go on with Happanel and Sitemaps ?

Thanl you & regards

I doubt that sitemaps or HABpanel are going to go anywhere any time soon. But I expect that development on either will slow down with most of the effort spent on Pages and MainUI.

MainUI is named “MainUI” for a reason. It will be the default UI and probably the only UI that new users encounter and use.

It works quite well in the browser on phones and work is ongoing to make it work in the apps.


thank you very much for the statement. That helps.


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