PlaySound "remotely"?

Is it possible to “PlaySound” on an android device in the same LAN?
“SendNotification works fine”, but I would like to “PlaySound” a different alarm tone on my mobile when a door sensor records an event.

Probably there is an android app to “read” myOpenhab messages sent to this device and play different sounds depending of the content of the message?


I will need something like this too in the future and have read, that with pushover you are able to choose the notification sound with the request. For example: doorbell --> ding dong and another sound for alarm.

Thanks for the hint, TimO!
Could be a good solution, but it fails in case of internet problems.
I would prefer something what is driven locally within my LAN.

Different option might be to run a squeezebox client on your phone and make that play the audio?

the Torino app for Android also does voice announcements from openhab…

Will try the squeezbox

but what is the “Torino app”? Just seeked and found nothing apart apps for the city of Torino/Italy.


Sorry… Spell check on the phone… :grinning:

Search to forums for Rotini…