Hello all, I hope someone can offer some advice.

I finally have some time to completely migrate my Windows XP pc running HouseBot to openHABian. I currently just have openhab 2.5 running as a virtual machine to control my visonic alarm. But, would like to wipe XP and use openHABian and migrate x10, plcbus, visonic, rfxcom, zigbee and amazon echos.

I can see that version 3 is out now, but the problem is that I use PLCBus and the plugin only seems to be available on version 1. Could I use version 3? or would I need to use the older version?

Thanks for reading.

You can use version 3.0 as your main system, and install the remoteopenhab binding to connect the older openHAB version to your main 3.0 version.

This way you will get the benefits of the new openHAB 3.0 as your main instance while keeping all 1.x bindings running on another openHAB 2.5 instance.

Thanks for the information.

Would I be able to install version 2.5 alongside 3 on the same openHABian install? Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m a bit new to this and Linux.


openHABian is primarily designed for Raspberry Pi that cannot run Windows XP.

I had planned on using the x86 version of openhabian

That can work and I currently use that with OH2. The openHABian developer does not encourage using it on Linux.

I am moving to OH3 on Docker.