PLCLogo Binding - problems and possible solutions

Hello to All,
I try to express my self better explaining some problems and solutions to PLCLogo binding. I did some test with a Logo 8.

  • memory things: when you bind to a single bit for example VB20.0 and you channel to a switch item, I am sorry, but it doesn’t work.

  • digital things: you have the following blocks I,Q,M,NI,NQ. These blocks according to documentation are “channelled” to items type I - contact, Q - switch, M - switch, NI - contact, NQ - switch.
    For me this binding is wrong. The correct binding should be: I - contact, Q - contact, M - contact, NI - switch, NQ - contact.
    The Logo Plc is an active device with it’s internal logic. So OpenHab should work as a simple SCADA software. I and Q are physically connected to PLC input and output pins so OpenHab should just treat them as contact. M are flag being set or reset by internal PLC logic so OpenHab should only “read them” (contact). NI (network inputs) are the digital entry point for a remote device so OpenHab should manage them as switch. NQ (networ outputs) are software outputs being read remotely so OpenHab should treat them as contact.

I hope i was clear and I hope the author of this useful binding will take in consideration my observations

OA ?

OpenHAB Switch type Items can be sent commands, bindings normally forward these on to the device.

OpenHAB Contact type Items are binary go/nogo like switches, but cannot be sent commands. It’s a reasonable choice for a binary read-only input.