Please Help ! Forwarding Data from Opensensemap to OpenHAB

Hello, Everybody!
I m new in the IoT world and I m working for the moment on a small personal project that consists in reading data from sensors and cell loads connected with my ESP32 microcontroller and then analyzing and visualizing them on Opensensemap.
I want to extend that a little bit so that I get the data from the Opensensemap and then forward them to the Openhab However I m getting confused and I don’t know how to tackle it because the process isnt properly documented .
Could someone give me a hand by showing done projects or examples I would be thankfull to ihm
Thanks in advance !

Yes it is.
You could use the REST api to update item values
Or you could use MQTT to send values to openHAB



BTW, if you start a post by saying that the project isn’t documented you are going to get some push back…

I gave you links to what you can use. Search the forum for examples.
We will not write code for you. You need to show some effort which you have NOT done. At all.

You are absolutely right I’m just looking for approaches so that I would be able to cope with it so to say to get the picture As I said I want to access to the data from Opensensemap because OpenHAB give the possibility to achieve that by just setting correctly The API.I’m not expecting to get the code for it from someone just an example of how to process to that.

You’ve not provided nearly enough information. How do the ESP32s report the sensor readings? What are the ESP32s running? How do they get published to Opensensemap? Can they publish straight to OH instead of or in addition to Opensensemap?

Opensensemap appears to have a REST API so the HTTP binding will be your best bet.

You probably won’t find any specific examples like that because most users have their sensors report directly into openHAB rather than going through some third party service like Opensensmap.

Thanks first of all for your rapid answer
For the moment i m trying to send the data to Opensensmap with the so-called http-integration which appears to be be the easiest solution.I had to register only the ESP32 As you said for me it seems to be a different way how the data get publisched because only the esp32 is registred
I’ll do my best so that the data get published to Opensensemap and then I deal intensively with OH. By the way I m intending to go always throught the Opensensemap.