Please help! Generator integration with OH1.8.3?

Has anyone ever connected generator to OH (version 1.8.3) to measure the energy consumed per day?
If yes, can you suggest me what kind of generator and how to install, setup and config them with openhab’s configuration files?

What is that? A special kind of hardware you want to use?
Or are you just looking for a device which is able to measure energy consumption?
If the latter, try

if you want to reprogram and solder a little bit (very cheap device) or
use any of the f.e. Fibaro devices which are able to measure energy consumption.
I’m sure there will be even more devices to choose from.

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thanks for your both reply,
@sihui, Indeed, my intention is the latter you mentioned. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll have a look at those fibaro devices
@rlkoshak Again, thanks for your help, I read the thread you gave me and understood how to config with openhab’s files, so how could he install that generator, I mean, did he solder, wire or something? Do I need to do anything to connect the device to my raspberry pi? Or just buy the generator, plug and play, then work with the configuration files?

He has a generator that reports power, probably through a serial interface. Or he has a sensor, something like an industrial strength Kill-A-Watt that reports the power. You can’t just wire it to a computer.